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Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Globally appealing corporate social mission to 'promote dialogue'

[Date] 2020/08/31  [Media] Nikkei Asia ( former Nikkei Asian Review)
Globally appealing corporate social mission to 'promote dialogue'

The advertisement published by Yokogawa Electric Corporation in the August 31 issue of NIKKEI Asia (former Nikkei Asian Review) presents a visual with a strong message focusing on the question, “What's next for our planet?” The ad appears in the center of the page and features the faces of people of various races. In particular, it asks, “What should we as a company do to connect the Earth to the future, in an era when environmental and social sustainability is required?” Osamu Setoguchi, General Manager of Yokogawa’s Integrated Communications Center of the Marketing Headquarters, said, “I wanted to encourage dialogue inside and outside the company and increase awareness of issues, especially, ‘What is our social mission?’”

Yokogawa's overseas sales account for about 70% of the total, and the global expansion of its business is progressing from an early stage. However, as demand for remote operations has increased in the main oil and gas fields, and the axis of the business itself has digitally shifted, the number of collaborating and competing companies has grown in recent years. Against this background, in 2015, the 100th anniversary of its founding, the company began to focus on global communication, led by the head office. Until then, the head office had managed the advertising strategies that each overseas base planned, and the system was changed to one that considers marketing strategies from a larger perspective.

The key message this time, “What's next for our planet?”, is based on the recruitment ad, originally developed in Japan. At the time, the B2B company issued a strong message, which was more positive than expected from inside and outside the company. This global ad has a new visual design to match the English version. Amid the unstable world situation and damage due to the coronavirus, the message of the company becomes stronger.

The Asian region is a particularly large market for Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Mr. Setoguchi explained that he chose NIKKEI Asia as the publication medium because “there was confidence that it would reach business people who pay attention to Asia.” He also had a particular reason to publish in the printed version now, in the heyday of digital advertising. “There is a sensibility that is unique to print media, and I was able to fully demonstrate our creative capability in communicating the message I wanted to convey the most," he recalled. “We will continue to aim for more effective marketing communications from both digital and conventional perspectives.”