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Nikkei offers several solutions that are necessary for conducting effective marketing activities. Utilizing reader information for analysis and target selection, to better understand who is your target audience. A production studio that creates content that actually delivers. Media (newspaper, web, events, and more) for carrying out the comprehensive plan. And research to look back on the delivered content.
In various scenarios, Nikkei Marketing Solutions will help you solve your problems.

About Nikkei

Established in 1876, The Nikkei continues to be Japan’s leading financial newspaper,
recognized for objective and quality reporting delivered to millions of Japanese business decision-makers.
The Nikkei boasts the largest daily financial newspaper circulation in Japan.

In 2015 Nikkei acquired the Financial Times, combining two powerhouses of quality journalism.
The Nikkei and the Financial Times continue to attract record readership
while being recognized worldwide for their authority, integrity, and accuracy.


Weekly Total Reach of The Nikkei

Source: J-READ (National Newspaper Readership Survey) 2021

Media Consumption of
“Global Business Influencers” (GBI)

※ About GBI
GBI (Global Business Influencers) is a survey about the most senior business people in companies with 50+ employees. They represent less than 1% of the total population.

※TV set reach for NHK

Value Proposition of The Nikkei Online Edition

Audience Data × Branded Content



Branded Content

Solution: Foreign Direct Investment

When targeting Japan, there is only Nikkei. We reach the most Japanese executives who lead global business to give them the news and insights that they want. However, our relationship with them extends beyond just delivering your promotional message, we also offer advertorial microsites and events and seminars for FDI agencies in major cities throughout Japan.