Foreign Direct Investment

When targeting Japan, there is only Nikkei. We reach the most Japanese executives who lead global business to give them the news and insights that they want. However, our relationship with them extends beyond just delivering your promotional message, we also offer advertorial microsites and events and seminars for FDI agencies in major cities throughout Japan.

Reach to decision-makers involved in their company's direct overseas investment

* Source: GBI Survey 2019

Our Clients

IDA Ireland

Georgia Department of Economic Development

Malaysian Investment Development Authority

Offering integrated solutions to attract Japanese enterprise

For epoch-making occasions such as the inauguration of new governments, the anniversary of a country's founding, or the victory of a major international sporting event, they all present the perfect chance to disseminate information. In addition to branding campaigns, we support a wide range of activities, from creating content that reports in detail on the potential of an investment destination, to event management where we invite senior management of Japanese companies that are expanding into new markets.

NIKKEI ID data for target discovery and precise targeting

Have you decided on a target area for attracting investment, such as in healthcare or semiconductors? Use Nikkei ID's registration attributes such as job industry, department, and company size by employees to deliver your message with pinpoint accuracy. Even if the inventory for the target segment is lower than the minimum budget required for targeting banners or targeting emails, if you can promise that the total amount of multiple campaigns during a year is 1.5 times the minimum budget required, or 500,000 JPY for emails and 750,000 JPY for ad banners, we can accept and deliver the campaign.

Furthermore, for digital ads that have only been delivered to Nikkei ID users, it is possible to analyze the attributes of those who clicked on the ad and in turn gain more insight into those who have interest in your country.