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There may be other vertical media that target executives, young business leaders, and the wealthy. However, while Other media boast their great reach to these verticals through social networks or curation media, but Nikkei Online alone provides unparalleled reach across all of these segments. For example, employees ranked "General Manager" and above access Nikkei Online 72 million times per month.

Monthly Access by Segment

Your message can reach anyone in the line of business from the lower-ranking analyst who needs to research and compare different products and pick out the one that will serve as a solution, to the executive who has the final say on all decisions. No matter whom you want to reach, your message will be delivered.

IT Procurement Process and Penetration of Nikkei

Majority of Nikkei Users


Nikkei's data allows you to get the right message sent to the right people at the right time, ensuring a successful campaign.

step1 Discussion,step2 Data Analysis and Segmentation,step3 Action and Review

Before the campaign, we work with clients to tailor the target audience using Nikkei user IDs and their associated information like occupation and browsing history within Nikkei websites.
After the campaign, we can see which message with what frequency was sent to whom. We analyze that data to optimize content and strategy for subsequent campaigns.

Segmentation Examples

Content Targeting,Attribute-targeting

Branded Content

Our N-Brand Studio works with brands to produce content to provide a natural viewing experience for our readers. Nikkei Style and Nikkei BizGate are just some of our brands that often work with N-Brand Studio to create easy-to-understand and visually pleasing articles with valuable information.

N-brand Studio produced content gives readers a sense of quality and trust in the advertiser.

Trusted environment helps brand building

User Survey: Image of Companies with Ads on The Nikkei Online Edition

First Class 28.4%,Trustworthy 58.7%,Tradition/Legacy 18.2%,Stable 30.8%,Superior to Competitors 15.2%

NIKKEI Online Edition User Survey 2019