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Brazilian Institute for Legal Studies of Infrastructure (IBEJI)
Appealing the value of investment in Brazil to the world

Appealing the value of investment in Brazil to the world

Having the largest landmass and population in South America, Brazil has drawn the attention of various companies for FDI opportunities. However, because of its stagnant economy, unstable government and complicated laws, many invested projects have ground to a halt. In response, Brazil has facilitated seminars to inform investors in both the public and private sectors about the benefits of investing in Brazil.
FDI in Brazil comes from all over the world, and Asia is the prospective market for its growing economy, so the IBEJI was seeking suitable media outlets to publish event reports to notify businesses around the world of its efforts.
Nikkei and the Financial Times have a network reaching readers in numerous countries that support the IBEJI’s mission. Nikkei Asia reports on Asia, while the worldwide edition of the Financial Times covers the rest of the globe. The IBEJI’s reports have been reaching a large and influential audience since their insertions in these publications.
In today’s political climate, with countries looking more inward than ever before, attracting foreign investment is not easy, so it is important for advertisers to consider who is their audience and how best to reach them.
The IBEJI evaluated that it has received substantial value from the global network of the Nikkei-FT Group.