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Mongolia's long term development vision to the world

[Date] 2021/01/05  [Media] Nikkei Asia
Mongolia's long term development vision to the world

Mongolia adopted its “Vision-2050” long-term development policy in May 2020. Within the framework of the policy, the country aims to invest to establish value-added processing plants of mining products, especially copper concentrate, coking coal, iron ore, gold, and silver, and to implement mega infrastructure projects that connect these plants.
To develop non-mining sectors of the economy, it is planned to implement major investment projects that support the development of agriculture, energy, tourism, transport logistics, science and information technology, and the creative industry. The Government is working to create a very favorable taxation and legal environment that encourages foreign investment. Thus, in the aims of promoting “Vision-2050” long-term development policy to foreign countries and investors, it is considered best to have it published on Nikkei Asia, the largest news organization in Asia.
We believe that our promotional work has been carried out successfully by reaching its target group. We would be pleased to partner with Nikkei Asia for any future opportunities that may arise.